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  • Problems with an order?
    If there is any problem with an order, please contact Customer Service by mail ( and you will be attended as soon as possible.
  • Modify or cancel an online order
    From Knobloch Strings we try to make sure that the customer has his order as soon as possible, so we try to make deliveries the same day. There is no problem to cancel an order, as long as it has not been delivered to the delivery person. In case of contracting CORREOS POSTAL there is time until 11:00 am to cancel. In case of contracting COURIER there is time until 14.00h.
  • How to return a product
    If for any reason you need to return a package, please contact Customer Service ( They will tell you what steps to take to solve the problem.
  • Can I track my order
    You can have shipment tracking depending on the service you hire. When a shipment is sent by normal post it is cheaper but you do not have this advantage. To be able to control the state of delivery you have to hire the Tracking Service Post or the Courier Service, with tracking.
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