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Our Process

Located only a few kilometers from Barcelona, our headquarters is situated in an area known for its mountainous landscape, halfway between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. From this privileged position, we make Knobloch strings, placing special attention on our selection of materials, the manufacturing process and the final packaging to offer a high-quality product for professional guitarists.

Our Philosophy

Our strings are created by musicians for musicians. We strive for comfort, good intonation and versatility in making our products. We understand that the strings are tools that enhance the sound of the guitar, and as a tool, they must be adaptable to every instrument, every situation and every guitarist. It is for this that we offer an extensive range of strings, thinking specifically about the needs of professional guitarists.


Material and Technology

To manufacture high quality strings, we always select the best materials to guarantee a perfect sound and great durability. The combination of these materials with the use of specialized machines allows us to ensure the uniformity, stability and precision of each string.

Quality Control and Packaging

Our strings are made and checked one by one by specialized staff. The limited production of strings ensures better quality control and the seal on the packaging gives optimal conditions for the conservation of the basses.


Environment and Social Responsability

With the aim to minimize waste, we have reduced the packaging for each set of strings. We also encourage our artists to recycle the packaging as well as to give their used strings a second life through projects like Second Strings or by reusing them for art projects or jewelery (especially our Silver Sterling line). 

At Knobloch Strings we are not just concerned about the environment, but also for our social responsibility as a company. We consider our workers part of our family and therefore we give them flexibility so they can balance their work and family life.


We believe that happy people are happy workers and this positive energy makes its way into our strings.

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